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It’s Your Choice…Will You Be Happy in 2015?

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Be Happy in 2015It’s January 2, 2015, only the second day of the year.  For some reason, on the first day of the year, I chose to be a little cranky. Today, I reflected a bit and wondered, what the heck was that?  Why was I cranky and why would I want to start the new year out that way?  Maybe I can blame it on hormones or that my house was a bit messy…but that is the easy way out.  When it comes down to it, I chose to be cranky and I can chose today and tomorrow and the next 363 days to to be cranky. Will I? Will you?

Did You Feel That?

Today I received a slap in the face from the Universe to let me know again, that I always have a choice. Do you feel you have a choice when you get up in the morning? I am a firm believer that we create our destiny and that each morning we awake with a particular set of feelings for that day that can either be based on our previous day, what we dream during the night or the instantaneous flood of thoughts that come into our minds when we awake…sometimes based on stressful situations that were put to sleep and awake along with our bodies.

Do We Have a Choice Each Day?

I think so. Before you put your feet on the ground…lye in your bed and just say one thing.  Do I chose to be happy today? I obviously did not do that yesterday and what did it prove?  It showed me that awareness of my feelings where not in my conscious mind where they need to be each day so that I can revise them before they get stored back into my subconscious mind.  Each day, you to have a choice to start your  day feeling grateful for the day before and for the day to come.  Start your day with a smile and on January 1, 2016, you will be able to reflect back on 2015 and know that is was a happy year.

What Can Your Do?

1. Ask the question…Do I chose to be happy today?

2. Confirm your choice by by adding three reasons why you should be happy today.

3. Think of three things you need to do today and at the end of each statement add…and that will make me happy too.

Here it is in practice.  Lying in your bed…”Do I chose to be happy today?  Yes! I chose to be happy today because I had a great day yesterday and I want another great day, I want others around me to feel my happiness and I am happy because I get to live another awesome day. I have to feed the cats and clean the litter and that will make me happy.  I have to take my Mother to an appointment and that will make me happy. I need to write a report for work and that will make me happy.”

All it takes is 15 seconds before you get out of bed to claim your happy day.  Don’t you think your day is worth it?  Share below and let me know what makes you happy each day.

In Health and Happiness,

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