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1/5/2015 Issue

Wahoooo…the first newsletter of 2015…I am so excited your here!

How to Make the Law of Attraction Work for You!

Have you seen the movie ‘The Secret’, 2006 yet? It is a way cool movie that has exciting music with visuals that would impress any artist and commentary that makes you feel like you can conquer the world.  The promise of all that you want, you can have. I remember being so excited after watching the movie and talking about it to everyone. This new theory of thinking called “The Law of Attraction” was like astronauts landing on the moon in 1969.  I endlessly thought about how I was going to attract all that I wanted in life and it would be served to me on a silver platter. I knew this was it.  I was convinced already that it would work.attraction, law, positive thinking, dreams, lottery

What Happened…Did I Attract What I Thought I Would?

Well, not quite. I did feel confident and I thought about what I wanted a lot of the time and I am by nature a pretty positive thinker anyway, so to my surprise, I did not win the lottery…well, not yet anyway.

What did I do wrong?  Was the the law faulty? Is it fake?  A media scam?  I thought about it for about ten minutes and gave in again to the truth of it.  I started reading more books about it.  Esther and Jerry Hicks, ‘the Vortex’, ‘The Law of Attraction’, Excuses Begone by Dr. Wayne Dyer, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill…which had it’s first addition in 1937 (how did we miss this one?) and You Were Born to be Rich by Bob Proctor just to name a few.  This theory of the law of attraction has been around for many, many decades.  It is not new and it is not some new age hocus pocus.  It was not until years later did I actually feel the law of attraction work.

Going to Home Depot

This may sound trite, but this experience really burned the truth of the law of attraction into my belief system for good. One day I got in my car and was heading to Home Depot to purchase another gallon of paint.  This was a familiar trip for me.  I parked my car, shut the motor off and sat there and thought to myself…”I really don’t have money to buy paint, what amlaw of attraction, magnet, money, attract, dreams I doing here?” I know I was so in debt and I might not even fit another charge on my credit card.

Then it happened, I don’t even know how it happened but it did…I got this really calm everything was going to okay feeling and proceeded to say to myself or maybe even out loud to myself, “Oh, it will be okay, I will get the money”.  It is hard to explain how the stress, the thought of not having the money or even that there was a possibility of me not being able to pay for the paint just floated into the ether. It was almost like someone took over my brain and inserted what was needed to get me out of the car.  So I got out of the car, bought the paint, the purchase processed and I was on my way back home.  I can remember that day as clear as if it was today.

Now that’s not the whole story.  That should have been enough but the law of attraction did not even come into my mind that day.  It wasn’t until the next day that it was apparent that something was in the works.  I proceeded normally that morning and when I heard the mailman, I  was so excited to run to see what bills I got in the mail that day…Not!…but it was a habit of mine that did not seem to go away as I got older and got less cool stuff in the mail.  When I grabbed the mail out of the box, I sorted through it as usual and came upon an envelope not knowing what was contained inside.

Dun, dun, dun…there it was…a check for $850.  I was not expecting it, had no idea it was coming and there it was.  Then the light bulb turned on and glowed so bright it blinded me.  Holy poop…this is the law of attraction.  I remember the feeling I got when I realized that it really works.  And I figured out a piece of the puzzle.

What is ‘The Secret’ to the Law of Attraction?

What I discovered that day, was that the feeling I got the day before in the car was total surrender.  I surrendered to the thought that I did not have enough money…I let it go…I really let it go.  It was not pretend, push it to the back of my mind…it was gone.  The thought, the feeling the everything about the situation was gone and the only thing that was left was that it was going to work out.

So if you master the ‘law of surrender’, you will master at least part of the ‘law of attraction’. How do you master this?  Ongoing, persistent positive thinking and feeling that it is going to be okay is the key to mastering the ‘law of surrender’.  Will it happen over night?  Well, of course not, and I think that is why people don’t think the law of attraction works.  It takes practice, lots of practice.  That day at Home Depot was just my day after years of thinking positive through crazy negative situations…I was rewarded with a piece of the puzzle. Now you have the secret too.

Comment below and let me know your stories about how the law of attraction showed up in your life.  I bet you can think of at least one story.

Thanks for Reading…In Health and Happiness and Attraction of all that you want,

Pia Civiletti, The Sassy Italian Lady

Pia Civiletti, The Sassy Italian Lady, Founder of All Over Wellness






Tip of the Week

This weeks tip is a quote from the book ‘Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.

“Wishing will not bring riches, but desiring riches with a state of mind that becomes an obsession, then planning definite ways and means to acquire, and backing those plans with persistence which does not recognize failure, will bring riches.”

persistence, plan of action, goals, take action

What does this rock climber have in common with Napoleon Hill?  He has a plan before he takes his next step. He thinks hard about whether it is the right step. He backs his plan up with persistence to get to the top of the mountain. And once he gets to the top…there he will find the riches.


Said what, things people say that don't support the healty habits, goofy things people say

Things Kids Say

I was asking my son to help out  with some chores in the morning so I would have some more time to exercise before taking him to school.

Me: “You don’t want Mommy to get fat again, do you?”

My son: His reply was…”No comment.”

Not sure if he was trying to get out chores or that he thinks I am fat.  Hmmmm.