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Inspirational Quote from Tony Robbins on Destiny

Decisions, boys playing, destiny, taking chances, try again

“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped”.

How are You Shaping Your Destiny?Decisions, boys playing, destiny, taking chances, try again

Remember the exhilarating feeling you got when you jumped off a swing…you would dare to see how high you can go, how far you could jump and then you would land and run back in line to do it again even if your knees were bleeding?
Are you still that person willing to jump to see how far you can get? Are you willing to brush yourself off and do it again? I bet back then, you did not even think about how what you did would shape your destiny. You took action because you wanted to experience life.  Now that you have the ability to identify the action vs. outcome process, do you take action for the experience or are you stuck in fear of the outcome?

Think big in 2015…take massive action and go for the gusto! Wahoooo!!