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Gobbling is for Turkeys

You do know the Turkey goes ‘Gobble, Gobble’, but that is not what your supposed to do.  Thanksgiving is coming and there will be feasting at every corner and this is where most be overindulge.  They say this is when the flu season starts…as soon as you start over-loading your body with food until you are in a comma.  You know that feeling when you are sitting in the recliner with your hands on your stomach moaning…”Oh, I ate too much”.

Tip: This year, eat in moderation when at the dinner table.  Before sitting down to a feast or leaving for your holiday get-together, drink a glass of water and eat some raw veggies.  That way, you are not starving and ready to inhale the whole table.  You will thank yourself the week after Thanksgiving when you still fit into your jeans. And you can still have all fixings, just cut your portions by at least 30%.  The food should not overflow the plate if you know what I mean.

Be Happy and Healthy…The Sassy Italian Lady

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