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About Pia Civiletti, The Sassy Italian Lady

All Over Wellness with Pia Civiletti, the Sassy Italian Lady

Pia Civiletti, creator of AllOverWellness.com, is a mother of one son and six cats (all adopted) and lives with her Fiance, Mother, Sister,  Son and six cats…yes…all in the same house.  This makes for a very interesting and fulfilled life that gives Pia plenty of reasons to use her love for health and wellness as a mechanism to help her family as well as outreach to others through her business.

Even though Pia spent 24 years in the corporate world ending up in technology with a marketing degree from Penn State, who would have ever guessed that one…she always had a second job of educating herself in the areas of health, fitness and personal development. Pia is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, a Hormone Cure Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, BraveHeart Women Resonator/Anchor and DYBO Specialist, Reiki Master, Certified Hypnotist, graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and Anthony Robbins Mastery University, Blah, blah, blah, let’s just say she has done lots of stuff.  What is comes down to is Pia always had so many interests and she finally found a way to put all her education and passions into one endeavor, AllOverWellness.com.

Pia really started in the coaching field because she felt she can help people to be healthier and happier. She found a deep interest in the way the body and mind worked when her disabled sister was hospitalized and near death.  When one the doctors told Pia that she should become a doctor, it really got her thinking. She knew the traditional way was not for her but looked for a way she could use her skills to help others the way she was able to help her sister.  It really is an amazing story how her sister recovered…but more about that when the book comes out.

Pia knows that focusing on all over health is what is needed for people to be truly healthy…working on many modalities that go from head to toe, healthy mind and body…that is where you find ‘all over wellness’.  A healthy mind and body is then connected with a life that is happy and full with love that allows you to live free.

You can catch Pia dancing, at Mom’s Organic grocery store, at one of her son’s basketball games or in front of the TV watching the Hallmark channels Christmas specials…and it does not matter what time of year it is and sometimes you might just hear her yelling across the house to her Mom in a traditional Italian sort of way.  She lives in a sassy way and likes it that way and that is what brought her to create her Sassy Italian Lady avatar.  Pia wants to have fun with AllOverWellness.com, making health and wellness a little bit more sassy and interesting to all.  As Pia would say to just about anyone…come on over to my house, we have no rules about when you come, how you come or about what you say…just come on in.

So come on in to AllOverWellness.com…your welcome to stay as long as you like. I hope that you find your ITFactor and claim the life you always dreamed of.

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