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Three Lessons from 2014 that will Make 2015 Oh So Awesome

Every year as a child on December 31st, I would fall asleep about ten o’clock at night only to be woken up by a loud bunch of Italians just before midnight to celebrate the apple dropping on TV with commentary from Dick Clarke.  I am not sure what went through my mind all those years as a child, but I would be crying every time my family woke me up.  So when the ball dropped I was crying but not for the same reason others were.  I was just tired and wanted to go to sleep.  I remember sitting on my Mothers or Fathers lap and just balling my eyes out. I am not sure anyone really paid any attention to me my crying…they probably could not hear me over all the other commotion in the house.  Seven kids, parents and two grandmothers made for a pretty noisy home. Everyone would kiss me and say ‘Happy New Years’ and the only thing I could get out was…“can I go back to bed now?”

It is funny how you bring the past into your present.  As an adult I could never figure out why I was so sad on New Year’s Eve.  I would always feel like crying.  I never went out and partied like many people do and there were times when I worked that night so I could get out of celebrating New Year’s Eve.  I still to this day don’t really want to go out for New Year’s Eve and enjoy staying at home with my family…just as loud as it was when I was a child.

I still feel a little glimpse of past New Year’s; I guess from left over cellular memory, but I also feel totally different. One thing that I noticed that is different is that the sadness has turned into gratitude. There is always a mix of good and bad in each year, but I so appreciate the experiences and lessons that I was lucky enough to have. It is not sad any more…it is experience and knowledge that I did not have the year before, it was time I spent with friends and family and opportunities that were given to me, and decisions I made…some good and some bad that form how I will make decisions in the future.

So this week, it’s all about what did you learn this year? What memories do you hold dear to your heart and make you smile when you think of them? What experiences did you have that gave you new insight into what you need to do next, what do you need to change? What will make 2015 an awesome year for you?

Some of the learning’s for me this year are lessons that will last a lifetime. There are three key lessons that made it to the top of the list.

  1. Change is good!

    If you want to change what you do in life, you need to actually make a change.

    So many years have gone by that I thought about all the things I can do with my life over and over again…but I still was doing the same thing. Taking a big step towards my purpose has done just that…gotten me closer to doing what I can be doing and what I was meant to be doing. Will it be what I am doing in ten years, maybe not, but now I have the ability to take massive action to move towards what I want in life, regardless of the hills and mountains I might have to climb to get to where I want to be or the naysayers that commented on how crazy I was. It took massive action to start the wheel rolling.How many years have you been thinking about doing something and still not any closer then you were five years ago? What massive action can you take that will get you closer? Trust me, I know it is scary, but you can do it.

  2. Ask for Help.

    This one is a monumental one for me. I am a do-it your-selfer and it was crushing me. You know the saying…”if you want it done right, do it yourself”. I still have to hon in on this one a lot more, but I am learning through working with groups of people, and letting loved ones do things for me, that I would never have let anyone do before. I no longer do any laundry in my house…now that one I can get used to. Yippee! What are some things that you do that take up lots of time… time that you can use to work on a plan to attain your dreams?

  3. Focused Action is Key.

    I am the queen of wasting time. I can spend hours and hours and get nothing done, but do a hundred different things. It is amazing what you can do with 18 hours…absolutely nothing if you don’t pay attention. What I have found is that having a key focus and working on it for several hours a day, really does get you closer to accomplishing the big feat. I know it sounds elementary…but how many things do you put on a list to never even start because you think you don’t know what to do first? I practice messing this up every so often myself. I get side-tracked, do something else I think is important and then totally lose focus on what I was doing. My family endearingly calls me ‘the squirrel’ for my ability to change my thought patterns in mid-sentence. A skill I think I can do without. But I have proved to myself over and over, focus on one thing for a few hours and it miraculously gets done, even if I did not have any clue how to do it before I started.

These are just the icing on cake of life lessons for me in 2014. I am looking forward to 2015 and what new lessons I will learn.

I would love to hear from you about what life lessons you learned this year, what changes do you need to make in 2015 to make it an awesome year? Comment below.


I look forward to sharing much more with you in 2015
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Tip of the Week

Start 2015 out with a plan to move forward towards your dreams.  We have all heard about making a list of goals, to -do’s or a list of what you want to accomplish.  I see it so often that even though we know that this is a good thing to do, a very small percentage of people actually do it.

Making headway on fulfilling your dreams for the home, family, career, etc. that you would like takes clarity. And the best way to get clarity is to write it down.

What do you really want? Make a list of what you would like to accomplish in 2015 in the areas of Home, Family, Career, Health, Finances, Fun/Vacations, Spirituality or any other area of your life that you would like to see progress.

Write down three actions per area and then prioritize the areas.  Take priority #1 and expand on the three actions.  What do you need to do to accomplish each of the actions fully?  Spend time thinking about it and determining some of the details of  the actions. Once you completed priority #1, move to the next one.

You will be surprised how things get accomplished when you do this.  I still have to kick myself in the butt to keep doing this, but every time I do it, it shows it merit in results and opportunities that open up because I am working towards what I want in life.

I will be checking in with you in 2015 to see how you are doing with this so start writing.


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Funny Things The Older Generation Says

My Mother is 87 years young.  Her hair is mostly grey now.  Here is how a conversation went when I offered to color her hair.

me: “Mom, how about I color your hair for you? It will make you look ten years younger.  Maybe you will find a nice man to take you out.”

mom: No, I don’t want to color my hair.”

me: “Why not? Why wouldn’t you like to look younger?”

mom: ” Because then people won’t think I am that old and they won’t carry my grocery bags to the car.”

Since my Mom is a shopaholic when it comes to groceries and often has ten or more bags,  I guess this is a good plan.